Mini Monkey Breads

The title given this recipe on the blog where I found it (“Top With Cinnamon”… a delight) was “Quick Mini Monkey Breads”. And while the end product IS a miniature monkey bread, in my case there was nothing quick about it. Whether it’s just me, or whether Top With Cinnamon’s author is one of those […]

Waffle Sandwich (With Apples, Peanut Butter, And Nutella)

I discovered this ridiculously delicious combination yesterday. It’s one of things that should probably be a snack, but ends up being a meal. Breakfast… brunch… second breakfast… lunch… dinner… brinner… it really doesn’t matter. There isn’t a bad time for this waffle sandwich. Just spread one half of a warm waffle with peanut butter, one […]

Christmas Bacon

“I love bacon. That’s the way I was raised.” Josh Hamilton ~ Bacon. If it were not for this mouthwateringly delicious delicacy, this food fit for the gods, I could easily consign myself to vegetarianism. And while bacon is always a welcome sight to my eyes, it is never more so than on Christmas morning. […]