A kitchen adventure… or something like that

What follows is not a recipe. I’m not entirely sure WHAT it is… let’s call it a journey inside of my mind.


I haven’t felt like much of a writer, lately. Which is sad. And probably happens to every person who writes at one point or another. But, as is often the case when we’re stuggling (with anything), I feel alone in it.

I need to get the juices flowing. I need to write something (…anything…). I need to DO something. I think I’ll try a kitchen adventure. Adventures are good. Even if they’re just little adventures, like taking a drive and getting lost, or making a pot of soup with no plan. So let’s try a pot of soup. I need to make dinner, anyway.

I have NO plan. Not even the least semblance of one. This is unusual. Let’s look through my recipe book… eh. Not much there. Maybe I should go look at my blog archives. NO. I don’t feel like going upstairs to fetch my laptop. You know what I should do, besides soup? Popovers. It’s been awhile, and popovers are awesome. I’m definitely going to do that.

Let’s look in this other soup cookbook. Should I go with something tried-and-true? Nah. Where’s the adventure in that? Maybe I should make up a new chicken noodle soup recipe. Yes! Wait, no. Chicken and RICE. Hold on. We have lentils. I should use lentils. Here are some lentil soup recipes… I’ll go with one of these. Forget chicken and rice. I don’t feel like messing with meat, anyway. I don’t feel like messing with a recipe, either, so I’ll just put this book away.

Let’s get some chicken stock going. Alright. Let’s rinse these lentils. Make sure to toss them in the air a little bit. REAL chefs toss things a lot. Plus, tossing is fun. *Toss, toss* Whee! OK. Enough of that. I need to get out the soup pot. It’s in the back of the cupboard. Of course. Pan avalanche! OK. Got it. Get the olive oil, next. Although… you know what would be better than olive oil? Bacon! I saw some in the fridge. Yep. Oh, there is no way I’m not using bacon grease instead of oil. Now, some garlic. It’s burning. Don’t do that, garlic and bacon. Down goes the heat. OK. In goes the stock! Up goes the heat, again. Dump in the lentils. Yum, yum! This might actually work.

It could use a carrot, though. Let’s put in a carrot. I don’t feel like slicing it as thin as usual. So, fat carrots. They’ll probably be all crunchy. Oh well. A new song is playing on my MP3 device… it’s Bombabil. No, wait… it’s Jones Street Station. Shoot, no… it’s Good Old War. What am I saying? It’s Ben Kweller. It is definitely Ben Kweller. How do I know my own musical collection so little?

There should be some spices or herbs in here. But what? Let’s consult the cupboard! Salt and pepper. Those are givens. Whoops. A little too much pepper, there. No turning back now, though. Back to the cupboard. I can’t see anything in here. The bottles are falling over each other like dominoes. This isn’t worth it. Where is the rosemary? I can’t find it. Grr. I’ll taste the soup and see how “meh” it is… mmm. Not too meh, at all. The abundance of pepper forbids it. It’s alright. Cover and simmer.

What about those popovers? I don’t feel like popovers anymore. I’m definitely not going to do that.

I should start to make tea and set the table. No, type all this up first.

Time to check the soup! Ooo! The carrots have totally cooked! High five, me! It’s looking good. I wish I’d read more blogs lately. Reading is good. It kindles the writing spark. But I haven’t… except Good Women Project. There’s always time for that. I wonder if I’ll ever be a good woman? Oh, I forgot about the potatoes. This soup needs potatoes. In you go!

Make the tea now, for real. Don’t forget to sniff the teabags… one of life’s simple pleasures. A whisk just tumbled down across the room, with no provocation. Weird. Only logical conclusion? Our utensil crock is possessed.

Let’s taste the soup. Mm. Bacon was the right decision. So was abundant pepper. OK, I know that wasn’t a decision. But it was the right mistake. I wish those happened more often in life. What else should go with soup? Crackers, of course. Do we have any cheese? *Checks fridge* Not really. Would it be weird if I threw this leftover couscous in the soup pot? Probably so. Let’s NOT do that. Hey, look! An uncooked lentil fell on the counter. I’ll chew on it. No… no… ew. Bad idea. Spit it out.

Try looking for cheese again. Maybe I missed something. Nope. Still no cheese. How do we not have cheese? This is AMERICA.

The soup is pretty much ready. I’m bored. I should have made popovers. Let’s get this thing up and out. I hope I don’t regret posting this as a blog. It’s kind of weird. But, hey. I feel a little bit more writerish now, so it’s worth it. I think I’ll go back to the drawing board (writing board? Word processor!)

Ciao. (Ciao? When have you ever said ciao? Just say “see you later” or an ironic “peace out”!)

XX. (That works.)


2 thoughts on “A kitchen adventure… or something like that

  1. Sounds like it turned out! Good for you! I’m not *quite* that adventurous, just making my own thing. Maybe one day…

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