DIY My Neighbor Totoro Ornament

I have been considering a departure from covering only food here at Nutella Enchanted. The final decision on this subject is still up in the air, but while I am weighing my options, it seems appropriate to give a non-food topic a trial run.

Thus, what I offer to you today is not a recipe, but a craft.
I am not the world’s craftiest person. The mood has to strike, y’know. Lately, is has struck, which is almost certainly correlated to the fact that Christmas is on its way. Christmas is the craftiest time of the year. I don’t know why, but it is. Last year, I made a small army of little felt crittery ornaments to give away. Like this little bugger:

Cute, right?

This year, due to a recent infatuation with Japanese animated films, I determined that I would make a Totoro ornament. For the uninformed, I refer to the title character of Hayao Miyazaki’s 1988 classic My Neighbor Totoro. He is big and round and fuzzy and, basically, was begging to be made into a felt ornament.

I sketched out a pattern so that anyone out there who shares my affinity for all things Ghibli can share in the felt Totoro  joy.


DIY Totoro Ornament

You Will Need:
-Gray, black, and off-white felt with thread to match
-A ribbon or string to use for a hanger
-Your inner child

The Pattern:

Right click and select “View Image” for the full-size version

Note: In the end, I decided to use buttons for eyes and just stitch the tummy speckles by hand. It proved much easier.

The rest is simple. Just cut out your felt pieces. Sew the tummy and facial features on to one half of the body, then stitch the two halves together, adding the ears and hanger the top of Totoro’s head. When you have only a small opening left, insert the stuffing to give him a bit of that jolly roundness, then close him up and you’re done!


If you want to get really carried away, you can throw together a few soot gremlins when you’re done. Yes, I did this.


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