Greetings, and welcome to Nutella Enchanted! I am ever so glad to have you!

I am going to begin by offering my reasons for creating this site…

First and foremost, I like food. I like making it. I like eating it. I like taking photographs of it.

Second, I have a weakness for cutesy food blogs and I wanted one to call my own.

Third, if I ever start to feel weary covering just baseball over at The Fair Base Ballist, this blog may serve as a sort of oasis. Think of it as my little vacation cottage blog.

I won’t have posts here every day, perhaps not even every week. I am no prodigious chef. It is safe to say that if I can make something, pretty much anyone else will be able to as well. No recipe you will find here will involve blow-torches or exotic ingredients. I like my food simple and yummy.

The top three cooks that inspire me are:

Jamie Oliver…

My Memaw…

And, of course, the Swedish Chef.

My food obsessions include breakfast cereal, soup, pie, cookies, garbanzo beans, ice cream, cheese, fresh fruit, pot pie (both traditional and “sloppy”), nutella, bacon, noodles, gravy and garlic. Among my food abhorrences are hot dogs, cabbage (in most forms), tomato soup, celery, onions, cilantro, messed up sweet potatoes, lemon flavored desserts, hash browns, stewed tomatoes, cooked apples, cooked greens, oysters and olives.

In short, I hope to use this site as an outlet for sharing my adventures (or misadventures, as the case may be) in the kitchen, and for whatever other worthy food-related tid-bits I may stumble across.

Thank you for stopping by… check back in soon. We will have a bit of fun!


2 thoughts on “Välkommen!

  1. I love it! I will look forward to visiting your vacation cottage to see your adventures in the food world. 🙂

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